Calgary Region

Your Household Footprint vs Your Neighbours’ Footprints.

CLICK HERE and follow the Five Steps below … Take On the Challenge !!

1) Key in your address at the Magnifying Glass icon — the Google My Map will zoom you there

Magnifying Glass Icon

2) Zoom out to see your Village boundary around your address

3) Click on your blue dot inside your village — your neighbours footprint !!

4) In the Google My Map at the top left, or right here, click on the Household Calculator — your place !!

5) Compare your household to your village


Played the Game ?

Your Home lower than your Village?

Your Prize / Reward could be a Song, or a Story ! Or what you now know !

Your household Tons of carbon emissions (3/4 of the Calgary Region footprint) and Earths (your entire lifestyle) are Both lower than your Village.

Awesome you … take in a tune.

  1. If you are a Boomer … A Song by Rush
  2. Or a GenXer … take in ColdPlay and do more !!
  3. Or a GenYer … you rock … you pick a Tune
  4. Are you a GenZ ?? … a chat with the ‘adults’ Excuse Me Mister


Played the Game ?

How’s Your Village look across the Calgary Region ?

(Average 7.4 Earths )

The nearly two thousand Villages in the Calgary Region


A free ebook near future climate outcome speculation to read …

  1. Your Village is over 7.4 — read Next Door Data
  2. Your Village is under 7.4 — get to know Wenzel in Planetary Infraction
  3. Your Village is off the chart under — read Alberta’s Gift
  4. Your Village is off the chart over — read Storm Punchers


Played the Game ?

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